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Making Bones

Type- Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG)

Experience- The player will be placed into the shoes of a character they create. Living in a world of adventure and war. A place where science meets magic, industry meets nature and

Demographic- This game has something for every kind of gamer, whether their into MMO's, RPG's or even FPS. Video gamers are not the only gamers that can be drawn to this game. Any hobby players that enjoy games involving role playing aspects will enjoy this game. Hobby gamers who play games like Dungeons and Dragons, or other main stream table top games. People who like the realm and noir of the American old west will also be drawn to this game. The age group the game will focus on is later teens and up.

Goal- To bring the "RPG" back into "MMORPG". Unlike World of Warcraft (who rules the market for MMO's currently) we strive to immerse the player in a world of community allowing the player the freedom to truly create their perfect character.

Story- Pioneers have run out of resources on their home continent. Explorers have searched far and wide for another inhabitable land. After years with no success, a great engineer designed a massive ship equivalent to their greatest cities. This ship had the power to not only relocate their society but also travel farther than any previous vessel. The name of the ship was "Deliverance". The surviving citizens packed up what little they had and set out with the hopes of finding a new home. After years of finding only barren, uninhabitable islands the pioneers where on the verge of starvation. What little faith the voyagers had was now whittling away. Just when all hope was lost a massive land came into view off the ship's bow. Drifting ashore they could see the land was flushed with vegetation and life. As fast as they could the Pioneers began to colonize. Their new home like their old consuming all recourses in its path. Destroying all forests and wildlife.
The Natives struck without warning. The majority of the tribes hated this new race from distant lands. They despised these daemons who so carelessly eradicate nature, upsetting the natural balance. A famous chieftain said "they come wrapped in billowing clouds of black smoke. Loud tools wailing as they destroy our earth. They are beasts who ravage our mother without thought or care. They must be stopped!" The war between the Natives and Pioneers has waged on for years. The Pioneers have adopted their peaceful technological ways into steam powered war gear using raw destructive science. With their deadly contraptions they continue to battle the natives mystical sorcerers and brutal savage warriors.
Setting- The continent the player will live in is Salus. The continent will have many different geological features. Huge deserts, lush forest, great lakes and snow covered mountains will all be found within its borders. The different factions will have settlements established in all the varieties of geological features, so the players will get to experience all the visual richness of the game.

Factions- Players will get to choose between three factions when starting the game. They are Native, Pioneer and Trader.

Pioneer- A faction immersed in science. People who believe that through growth in industry and technology they will find the seeds to their salvation. If you like a group that uses steam technology to industrialize and like the look of the American cowboy, this is the faction for you.

Native- A faction that has lived in Salus for as long as history can remember. They are a much simpler people than the Pioneers. Natives believe in the power of nature and the earth. That the earth will provide them with everything they need to live and flourish. They believe that through the power of nature and will they will overcome and kill the invaders. If you like a race that thrives to protect their land and the earth; who can bend the magic of nature to their will, then this faction is for you.

Trader- Is a faction who is unaligned with the Natives or Pioneers. This group draws from both other factions for its inhabitants. The Traders can trade, deal, communicate and fight with whatever faction they wish. If you like the idea of a rogue faction. A group not bound to any of the other faction’s laws. If you would like to play on both sides of the fields, then this faction is for you.
Character Creation- A player will be able to really detail a character to look how they would like them to look physically at the start of the game. Facial structure, height, weight, muscle mass, skin tone, hair and eye color will all be able to be changeable in the character creation screen. A player will also be able to add some personalization to their character through a few different styles of piercings and tattoos in character creation as well.

Classes and Professions-

Public classes and professions

- Strategist- Take a leader role in combat. Strategists grant benefits and boost fighting moral to other friendly combatants around them through their tactical knowledge.
- Melee- Profession based on martial combat, and the use of close combat weaponry.
- Ranged- Profession based on ranged combat. People who take up this profession show an interest in guns, bows and pistols.

- Miner- Mine needed materials, precious gems and ores. Miners do this for personal wealth or to help society build.
- Herbalist- Gather rare plants and herbs to be used by townsfolk and other classes. Herbalists also have a knack for alchemy. Their remedies greatly help other players in the game.
- Hunter- Hunt wild animals to gather food, fur and leathers to be used in the community. Hunters usually have small companions to help them hunt.

- Tailor- Create clothing and armor for themselves and others in a variety of styles and colors.
- Architect- Design layouts and create buildings for guilds/tribes or themselves.
- Weaponsmith- Create melee and ranged weapons for yourself and others.

- Musician- Buff other classes with your music.
- Barber- Allow other players to redesign their appearance in the game.
- Dancer- Buff other players with your unique dance styles.

Faction Classes and Professions

- Doctor- Makes potions and heal themselves and others through science.
- Steam Priest- Fanatics of a science based religion. They devote their bodies to be enhanced through the experimentation of science, and preach of sciences greatness. They are an intimidating foe in combat with their varieties of weaponry implants.
- Engineer- Scientists who build machines and weaponry upgrades for themselves and others.

- Medicine Man- A spiritual healer. They use the power and magic of nature to heal themselves and others.
- Beast Trainer- Trains all kinds of animals to be used to fight for them in combat. Vicious beasts tearing through enemy flesh is what they bring to the table in combat. They also can raise and tame animals for other players to use as companions and/or mounts.
- Shaman- A sorcerer who is one with nature. They have the ability to craft amazing totems that buff themselves and others.

- Bounty Hunter- Can be hired by all other players to hunt other players… for a price of course.
- A bandit that makes money by stealing from others. This class gets rewarded for being a menace.
- Merchant- Salesmen that are able to sell goods between factions.

Player vs. Player- While in the game players can always choose between first person and third person, including while in combat! (However ranged combatants are recommended to use first person). The continent will have PvP zones that are conquerable for either the Pioneers or Natives. Mounted combat will also be included in this game.

Guilds- A Guild can be formed with a minimum of ten players of the same faction. A Guild on the Pioneers faction is referred to as a Guild, but on the Native faction Guilds will be called Tribes. A guild leader who plays a Pioneer will get the titles Mayor, while a Guild leader who plays Natives will get the title Chieftain to display with their name plate.